Today, Representative Oscar Longoria (D- La Joya) and Representative Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston) filed House Bill 2100; which, if passed, would increase the pay for State Troopers in Texas.

“The Texas State Troopers are the chief law enforcement agency in our state,” said Rep. Longoria. “They keep Texans safe every day and they risk their lives to ensure that we, as citizens of this state, are safe and well protected; this salary increase is a long time coming.”

Last October, the State Auditor’s Office concluded that the pay for our State Troopers was not competitive with other law enforcement departments in the state, resulting in the decrease of new recruits.

“These men and women are supposed to be the elite level of law enforcement in our state,” said Rep. Thompson. “It is time that we begin recognizing the work that they do, the dangers that they face, and the sacrifices they make every day to keep this great state safe.”

The State Auditor’s Office released a report that surveyed and analyzed the state law enforcement salary schedule (Salary Schedule C) for the 2014-2015 biennium. The report reviewed the average maximum base pay for the State Trooper’s in comparison with the average maximum base pay for comparable positions at the seven largest local law enforcement departments within the State. The State Auditor’s Office concluded that Salary Schedule C for state law enforcement is not competitive and the average maximum base per pay is approximately 20.6% below that of the seven largest law enforcement departments in the state.

“It is unfortunate that as our top law enforcement officials, Texas State Trooper’s salaries are not competitive with other law enforcement departments,” remarked Longoria. “It is unsatisfactory that they have not received salary increases, given the amount of work and personal danger they face on the job. Representative Thompson and I look forward to working diligently with the House Leadership to ensure this bill is passed.”

House Bill 2100 would reclassify the salary for certain positions with the Department of Public Safety to make these positions more competitive and hopefully, attract more individuals to this great profession.

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