AUSTIN, TX – At noon today, House Appropriations Chairman Dr. John Zerwas, appointed Rep. Oscar Longoria-Chair of the General Government Subcommittee for the 86th Legislative Session. This will be the Representative’s second consecutive term at the helm overseeing Articles I, IV and V of the chamber’s proposed budget.

Longoria, who has served as Vice Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, and Chair of General Government since the 85th Legislature, brings an in depth knowledge of the budget process; his perspective and experience is vital in addressing the needs and day to day operations of agencies across the state. Rep. Longoria’s interim work as a member of the Legislative Budget Board, meeting with the heads of each agency while reviewing their perspective legislative appropriation requests, has afforded him a unique insight on this session’s budget legislation, House Bill 1.

Article I has jurisdiction over the following state agencies:
Office of the Attorney General
Bond Review Board
Cancer Prevention and Research Institute
Commission on the Arts
Employee Retirement System
Facilities Commission
Office of the Governor
Pension Review Board
Secretary of State
State Preservation Board
Texas Emergency Services Retirement System
Texas Historical Commission
Texas Public Finance Committee

Article IV jurisdiction:

Court of Criminal Appeals
all 14 Courts of Appeals
Office of Court Administration
Supreme Court of Texas

Article V jurisdiction:

Department of Public Safety
Juvenile Justice Department
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Texas Military Department

“I look forward to working with my colleagues on my subcommittee and the entire Appropriations body to ensure effective use of taxpayer dollars on essential priorities in our state budget, said Rep. Longoria. I’d like to thank Speaker Bonnen and Chairman Zerwas for entrusting me with this important responsibility, he added.”

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