84th Legislative Session Bills

My Legislative Accomplishments


HB 12 – Border Prosecution Unit

  • Working alongside House Leadership, including Governor Abbott’s team, Speaker Straus, Rep. Dennis Bonnen, and Rep. Senfronia Thompson, I was able to pass HB 12, which codifies the Border Prosecution Unit (BPU).
  • HB 12 formalizes the organizational structure of the BPU and provides a statutory basis for its operations, duties and responsibilities.
  • This bill will facilitate the BPU in prosecuting crimes such as: murder, kidnapping, extortion, drug crimes, financial crimes, human trafficking crimes that might be associated with criminal enterprises, and cartels.
  • Furthermore, the bill will enhance relations between each district attorney, local DPS and law enforcement organizations on the ground. They will work together in the handling of cases that reach across counties and jurisdictional boundaries.

HB 10 – Joint Author w/ Rep. Senfronia Thompson

  • HB 10 seeks to prevent and ultimately eliminate human trafficking by enacting the recommendations made by the task force in the 2014 Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force Report.
  • HB 10 requires the governor to establish the Child Sex Trafficking Prevention Unit within the criminal justice division in the governor’s office and to appoint a director for the unit.

HB 382 – Joint Author w/ Rep. Canales

  • HB 382 allows STC to partner with the Edcouch-Elsa School District to create an extension facility in the area.
  • This will provide tremendous educational opportunities to the many communities and students who live in the surrounding area.

HB 1596 – Joint Author w/ Sen. Hinojosa and Rep Guerra

  • HB 1596 is a local bill that will allow for the creation of a Hidalgo County Healthcare District.
  • This is critical for our families in the Rio Grande Valley to provide resources to support a medical school, to cover our community’s healthcare needs for both the insured and uninsured, and to decrease the tax burden on our county taxpayers.
  • The Rio Grande Valley has some of the highest rates of uninsured individuals and among the worst health care outcomes in the nation. In Hidalgo County, almost 40 percent of residents are uninsured, compared to 24 percent in Texas.
  • HB 1596 will allow Hidalgo County to improve our indigent care program as well as leverage federal funds through the 1115 Waiver.
  • This will go a long way in helping to grow the medical school and extend medical services, including mental and behavioral health, for all residents and stabilize our property taxes.

HB 483 – Joint Author w/ Rep. Capriglione

  • HB 483 would establish a Texas Precious metal Depository within the Office of the Comptroller of Public Accounts. The depository would serve as the custodian, guardian, and administrator of certain bullion that might be transferred to or acquired by the state, an agency, or a political subdivision.
  • With its establishment, certain entities could place assets in the depository. A political subdivision, business or nonprofit corporations, charitable or educational corporations or associations, and financial institutions.

HB 1626 – Joint Author w/ Rep. Johnson

  • Many Texans live in areas underserved by banks and credit unions and have little access to or experience with mainstream financial institutions. HB 1626 would direct the Finance Commission to administer and monitor a banking development district program. Bank development district programs outside Texas have proved successful in encouraging banks and credit unions to open in underserved areas that have a demonstrated need for the services those institutions provide.
  • HB 1626 would allow a local government, in collaboration with a financial institution, to submit an application to the Finance Commission or the Credit Union Commission for the designation of a development district.